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Newari Wedding Series

Newari wedding ritual

Newari Wedding Series Weddings are emotional roller coaster ride to both of the families; the groom’s side and the bride’s side. Weddings in Newar communities are filled with rituals and traditions that carries cultural, religious, logical and emotional values. This collection named “Newari Wedding series” has four different oil painting and acrylic paintings by artists […]

Oil Painting of Indra Jatra celebration, Kaal Bhairav Hanuman Dhoka

Indra Jatra celebration

Indra Jatra celebration, Kaal Bhairav Hanuman Dhoka Artist: Keshar Man Chitrakar These paintings will forever help incline the importance to protect, value and pratice our traditions alongside introduce our artistry among the world. It is not only pleasure for eyes, or a decorative, but is as precious as any asset. Painted in 32”X 48” sized […]