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Why buy Paintings and Crafts ?

Buying Paintings and crafts is an excellent idea of investment, as it’s values and importance are always increasing and serves as an Asset having generational values.

Is buying paintings and crafts online reliable ?

With us, after an order is scheduled, we make sure our valued customer understands the texture, type, size, weight, finishing and further details of the producas we will be contacting and providing all the necessary informations, after verification from customers, we move forawrd with sales, making it very reliable for our customers.

What are the payment methods ?

Bank transfer are most preffered payment method in case of online transactions while cash on deliveries /cheques are widely accepted. We also ccept debit/credit/master cards.Any such method convincing to our customer isaccepted.

Is delivery services available ?

Yes, we do deliver within the town and also courier out of valley and country.