Understanding Art and Visual Arts

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What is art?

Art in simple word is any kind of skill or talent whether inborn or learned throughout the lifetime that can be showcased in front of others through various kinds of forms. In general terms, consideration of art is limited within two types of Arts: Performance Arts like: martial arts, dancing, singing, acting, and visual arts like: drawings, paintings, sculptures, architecture etc. but Art isn’t just limited to that there’s more to it like public speaking, writing, poetry and many more.

How I feel about Arts.

While these general terms are further divided into broader terms, I personally belief every or any medium that helps express feelings, philosophies, perspectives and opinions that somehow affects the viewer or audience to feel it in any way is Art.

Also the reason why whenever people feel empty or depressed they are suggested to go participate to perform any kind of art be it physical like arts of dancing, singing, martial arts etc or get involved with philosophical forms of arts like poetry, writings etc. Art plays with people’s mind and feelings. Don’t you think so? If your answer is No, try it someday or just simply visit some art museums or Art Galleries.

Definition of Visual Arts

Although Visual Arts is a recent vague umbrella term for a comprehensive kind of art which includes a number of artistic disciplines from various sub-categories, to put it in simpler words the arts performed mostly for visual observation, like drawing, graphics, a modern digital art form, painting, sculpture, interesting photography which suggests a story within and the decorative arts which provides a value to the audience in the room are a few example of visual arts. Any form of arts that can be associated by the audience by is visual arts.

Visual arts is a form of language, a visual communication. It helps connect your opinion with other’s opinion. It had been in presence from the very early evolution stage.

What I feel About Visual Arts

They say Art is supposed to give comfort to discomforted and discomfort to comforted, I feel Visual Arts completely supports this saying as it leave people wanting more, more information or stories or sequences about the art. It doesn’t give exact answers to what audience wants, rather it gives philosophies of what the artist thought of while making the sculpture or the painting, what relation or what purposes was within it, what feelings were the artist dealing with or what did they wanted to spill. It leaves audience with their own conclusions that might or might not be true to details, but does leave them with some sort of connection.

Future of art and visual arts

Future of art is advanced and digital. Artists and techno-logicians predict that the future of arts will be commercial, and globally cost friendly which will surely provide access to every people. The paintings and drawings has already started being digital where replicas of masterpieces can be printed a hundred times furthermore, they predict that in the near future 3d holographic sculptures can be made to print a thousand or more sculptures and architectures. Imagination of human kind is infinite, working on it does take time, but it isn’t impossible.

Despite all these advancement, however the traditional form of art will always be of great importance, people will still visit Louvre to watch iconic painting of Mona Lisa from within the crowd rather than touch the replica prints of it. Individuals will still visit Rome, rather than visit replica parks of same. Plays and Dramas will still be valued regardless of holographic theatres.

Art overall will never lose its importance, because art is a way of life, a culture, a tradition that had been and will be used for expressionism.


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