Recalling the Rituals through painting.

recalling the Rituals. behuli vitraunu.

Welcoming the bride.

बेहुली भित्र्याउनु ।

Artist: Keshar Man Chitrakar.

केशर मान चित्रकार

The painting beautifully portraits one of newari wedding rituals, where the newly wed along with the Janti has arrived by the entrance of home after marriage ceremony is done in the bride’s home. The Groom’s family (most specifically groom’s mother) performs a small puja at the door to protect the newly wed from negativities and then welcomes the bride in home by offering her the key of the door, the bride where as offers to share the key with the mother-in-law, then they happily enter the home with both women holding the key.

During pujas, first the holy water are sprinkled, followed by Arati and Tika; logically the holy water helps wash away the dirts, Arati are cotton balls or cloths lit in fire which helps kills the bacterias and traditionally Tikas were made up of ingredients like saffron, red sandal powder, turmeric, lime etcs which promotes healthy hormones in an individuals body, thus presenting health and happiness. Mother-in-law offering the key represnts that the bride is now counted as new member of the family having her right in that particular home, Bride offering to share the key represents her respect and appreciation towards new family members, Both of them entering the home holding the key together represents that they will equally share all the happiness and sadness of the home from on wards.

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