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Newari Wedding Series

Newari wedding ritual

Newari Wedding Series Weddings are emotional roller coaster ride to both of the families; the groom’s side and the bride’s side. Weddings in Newar communities are filled with rituals and traditions that carries cultural, religious, logical and emotional values. This collection named “Newari Wedding series” has four different oil painting and acrylic paintings by artists […]

Recalling the Rituals through painting.

recalling the Rituals. behuli vitraunu.

Welcoming the bride. बेहुली भित्र्याउनु । Artist: Keshar Man Chitrakar. केशर मान चित्रकार The painting beautifully portraits one of newari wedding rituals, where the newly wed along with the Janti has arrived by the entrance of home after marriage ceremony is done in the bride’s home. The Groom’s family (most specifically groom’s mother) performs a […]